To attract and retain patients seeking regenerative & pain relief services in this growing industry, we need you to close their eyes and dream bigger. That’s why the Shock Wave Society of North America (SWSNA) has evolved to offer some pretty unique healthcare management services. Simply put, it takes the right team- and we want you to join ours too!

All medical practices struggle to attract and retain patients at one time or another.  Why? Because as they grow or markets change, so should your strategies. Small and Mid-sized clinic practices simply don’t have the enough hours in the day, a dedicated staff and/or marketing resources to attract, convert and retain new patients to help their practice thrive. 

We offer customized digital medical marketing management solutions to health & wellness businesses that offer extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) that drive results. Partner with US based SWSNA managers- practice champions- to determine the best strategies for helping you improve your medical clinic, wellness gym, or health spa attract new patients and achieve your practice growth goals.

  • Website Design [Mobile First]
  • SEO
  • Social Ads Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Practice Listing(s)
  • Press Release Announcements
  • Channel Content Optimization
  • Live & Digital Training Services for procedures, front end staff, and business
  • Custom Marketing Services on Demand [for more information and options, keep reading or call us now at (833) 622-7300

How The Society Has Helped Practices Like Yours

Unless you’ve researched the latest trending secrets of SEO Content Ad Copy, you wouldn’t notice how even this article has a deliberate structure.  With SWSNA,  you’ll learn the secrets and we will take care of your content drafting -so you can get back to focusing on your success! 

We offer multiple methods for growing your medical practice, based on your unique needs and preferences. We’re a full-service healthcare management group, so every service we offer has been carefully curated and proven to keep your practice growing through recessions, reimbursement cuts and turf invasions by deep-pocketed competitors.

Our comprehensive strategies range from web design and development to custom office design, extensive staff training and e-media solutions. Everything we do is positioned to help you achieve optimal growth and success.

With SWSNA, you have the right team, with the right skill set, applying an transparent approach to help you discover your best options and offer concierge solutions to put your medical practice on a right trajectory, such as;

  • Turn-around management
  • Strategic Planning
  • MedTech Purchasing
  • Technology Support 24/7

Custom Managed Services On-Demand

To fully market your practice, you might need more than a standard website, SEO or reputation management services. As a full-service health and wellness support company, SWSNA offers on-demand digital and traditional services. These include:

  • Mobile-First Webpage Design
  • Branding services
  • Brochures 
  • Letterhead 
  • Logo design
  • Mobile apps
  • Video creation

Already have a solid foundation, but missing that ‘Secret Sauce?’ SWSNA would love to help you plan a course to your future state.  We specialize in the design and delivery of custom tailored concepts. We not only dream bigger than the rest, we have the top creative team that would love the opportunity to help you shine. 

Some of our prior custom work:

  • Voice Health~ awarded Top 100 Healthcare Leaders, 2018 by IFAH
  • Book Authorship 
  • Flyer Designs

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