Welcome to the future
of bio-enhancing technology

Introducing Miniwave™

>> Biohacking re-defined from the ground up <<

New Compressor free ballistic radial shockwave therapy-system

with electromagnetic generator as projectile accelerator

Scientifically proven to maximize your post workout gains by accelerating your body’s recovery naturally  + reducing the negative effects of pain and inflammation.

Build Muscle

Independently validated to be up to 50x better than the leading masks tested against (That’s not a typo). And 5-25x better than the N95 in protecting from particulate matter.

Our proprietary D’Fend system and active nanofiltration has been designed from the molecular level to protect you and cleans >98% of PM2.5.

Get In The Game

The most beautiful thing you wear every day is your face. Our technology allows the world to see it.

Breathe freely with no seal around the mouth and nose. This system allows clean, cool air to comfortably escape the mask around the face creating a continuous, one way outflow that keeps outside air out.

Live Vibrantly

We want evolution to lead humanity to a higher state and are willing to play our part in engineering positive change.

A Bluetooth brain constantly tracks your respiratory activity to adapts Atmōs’ performance to ensure you’re protected whatever your doing.

The Atmos is is a truly reusable mask for those seeking an alternative to the allergy mask, the antipollution mask, smoke protection.

About the Atmos

“The Atmos is a direct response to air pollution”

“A mask so sleek it debuted on the fashion runways of New York and Seoul”

“This wearable air filter is the must have accessory in a world wracked by climate change”

“AO Air reinvents and restyles respiratory protection”

Technical Specifications

  • Easy to control – use one finger to swing on front panel to set
  • (Coming Soon) Advanced in-app controls for iOS and Android
  • Bluetooth enabled with point-and-click access to user protocol and advanced connectivity.
  • Enhanced cooling mechanism, can support 6000 shots without rest
  • Genuine 160mJ energy output per pulse, frequency up to 16Hz